Dismantling the Old Facade

Sometimes the best way to fix the problems with the old facade is to replace it with a new one.

Dismantling the Old Facade

With the Stofix brick slip cladding, it is possible to build a well-functioning facade that meets modern technical requirements and improves the building’s U factor by increasing thermal insulation – with only a slight change in the external dimensions of the building.





Construction of the External Skin and Insulation of the Facade

In projects where the entire facade has to be dismantled, the ventilation and drying capabilities of the facade structure are essential for ensuring the longevity of the brick facade. Replacing the entire external skin is the only renovation method that ensures that dampness and/or microbes will not remain in the existing wall structure.




Dismantling the Old FacadeDismantling the Old Facade


Demolishing the old external skin and facade brickwork and by replacing the insulation and recladding with the Stofix brick panels has the following benefits:

  • More thermal insulation can be added, helping to cut the U factor of the wall structure enormously
  • A ventilated facade ensures a healthy interior structure
  • Water is efficiently conducted from the structure
  • The appearance of the building is maintained without compromising the details of brickwork architecture.

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