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New construction

For new construction, Stofix provides a variety of solutions to meet your project needs. Stofix can be used to clad almost any load bearing structure. The installation speed and foundation-free-build ensures both cost and time efficiencies. The thin structure of Stofix exterior brick cladding enables larger interior areas or respectively thicker insulation compared to traditional brick.

Benefits of Stofix for new construction:

  • The Stofix system can be mounted to any load-bearing structure
  • Insulation can be added according to your own preferences
  • Stofix ventilated exterior brick cladding ensures insulation and load-bearing walls stay dry
  • Air circulates between the thermal insulation and the external skin
  • The rain screen cavity also directs functional water flow in extreme weather conditions
  • Stofix exterior brick cladding creates the look and feel of genuine brick architecture


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