New Construction

For the new construction project, Stofix Brick Slip Cladding System provides a huge variety of solutions to meet your needs.

Due to the adaptable nature of the Stofix brick slip cladding system, it can be used to clad almost any load bearing structure with the choice of insulation. The installation speed and foundation-free-build make the project cost and time efficient. Thinner the wall, the more interior square meters you will get.


The benefits of the Stofix brick slip cladding for new construction:

  • The Stofix brick slip cladding system can be mounted to any load-bearing structure
  • Insulation can be added according to your own preferences
  • The ventilated Stofix cladding ensures the insulation and load-bearing wall to stay healthy and dry
  • Air circulates between the thermal insulation and the external skin
  • The proper rain screen cavity also enables functional water flow directing in extreme conditions.
  • The original look and feel of the genuine brick architecture




More Square Meters for Interior Area 

The thin structure of Stofix brick slip panels enables bigger interior area or respectively thicker insulation compared to traditional brick laying.

Traditional Brick Architecture + Advanced Cladding System

To ensure a long-lasting and durable cladding, the ventilation and drying capabilities of the facade are the main factors. The ventilated Stofix facade protects the insulation and load-bearing wall from the moisture and accelerate the drying process. The Stofix cladding brings out the original brick facade look and feel, with a truly advanced ventilated brick slip system.

The Stofix brick slip system can be fixed to any load-bearing structure, which can take the load of approx. 40kg/m2. Different insulation solutions can be used.

References – Where Stofix Facade is used?

Stofix - Twin City

Stofix Double Tree by Hilton London UK, round

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