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Prefabricated and pre-mortared

Stofix brick cladding is prefabricated and pre-mortared which eliminates the need to fix individual brick slips on site. Our brick cladding system is manufactured in controlled factory conditions on manual production lines to ensure quality and consistent finish across all panels. Manufacturing and pointing the panels in dry, controlled conditions minimises the chances of efflorescence in the product, leaving the faces of the bricks and mortar stain free.

The completed panels are delivered to building sites ready to be installed quickly and efficiently using a unique modularised mounting system. The installed panels require minimal pointing (mortar is supplied) and the brick panel joints are grouted to create a high-quality, finished surface. With the majority of work already complete this system saves a substantial amount of time and labour.

Benefits of prefabricated and pre-mortared brick cladding

  • Substantially reduces time on site and labour cost compared to traditional bricks and mortar
  • Reduced installation time compared to other brick slip cladding systems which have to be assembled and pointed on site
  • Unlike other brick slip systems which aren’t pre-mortared, Stofix can be installed regardless of cold temperatures so unforeseen delays are limited
  • Architects are increasingly specifying brick slip cladding systems due to its efficiency, sustainability, aesthetic appeal, versatility and reduction in cost
  • The prefabricated and pre-mortared system reduces material wastage
  • One of the standout features of Stofix is the weight. Our system has one of the lowest weights per sqm on the market – from 32kg per sqm, with other comparable systems coming in between 51kg and 68kg sqm
  • Our system mounts the rails directly to timber, concrete, or steel, reducing the load by over 50% compared to traditional masonry. (Traditional brickwork is 189kg/m2). As the construction industry continues to look for more environmentally friendly, modern methods of construction, brick slip cladding is likely to play an increasingly prominent role in shaping the buildings of tomorrow


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