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Unitised Wall Systems


The Stofix panels can be delivered to specialist companies where they are installed onto unitised frameworks or SIPS panels and the finish pointing is done. These larger panels, often with windows fitted, can be craned into place without any external access, presenting an even quicker method of installation.


Benefits of unitised wall systems

  • Faster Installation – panels arrive on site usually made into floor height sections, often with windows attached
  • Less labour required on site – fewer tradesmen needed to install which saves cost
  • Ideal for restricted access – cranes are normally utilised to install rather than expensive scaffold and mast climbers
  • More control over finish – the majority of the pointing required is completed in factory-controlled conditions
  • The method of installing onto unitised wall systems is proven. Read our Double Tree by Hilton, London’s Canary Wharf case study here.


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