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Stofix ensures energy efficiency and architectural aesthetics. We take care of our shared environment so we are conscious of the materials we choose and our production processes. Our advanced brick cladding panels are made of recyclable materials, kiln-fired brick and natural stone and all of our production waste is recycled. The Stofix brick cladding panels have up to 50% smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional bricks and mortar.

Environmental benefits of Stofix:

  • Constructing Stofix cladding on top of an old façade allows for more thermal insulation to be installed in the structure. The original structure stays dry due to the correct level of air circulation and energy consumption is reduced
  • Stofix brick cladding panels are thinner than traditional brick façade, so the same external dimensions allow for more thermal insulation
  • Stofix addresses problems in older properties such as damp penetration, condensation, or dilapidation of the exterior


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