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Stofix is suitable for brick façade projects including refurbishment and overcladding. Many buildings are seeing brick façades completely replaced for fire safety and aesthetic reasons.  Stofix is perfectly suited to these projects. The most suitable method depends primarily on the technical condition and design of the building.

Benefits of Refurbishment and Overcladding

  • The brick façade allows uneven wall structures to be straightened. The joints of the Stofix cladding are sealed onsite with the same micro stone that is used in our factory. The appearance of the building is maintained without compromising the details of brickwork architecture.
  • The original structure stays dry due to the correct level of air circulation and energy consumption can be reduced by using extra Insulation. The heat transfer coefficient of the wall structure is considerably decreased. Replacing the entire external skin is the only renovation method that ensures that dampness and/or microbes will not remain in the existing wall structure.
  • Stofix protects the old structure against further weather damage and water is efficiently conducted from the structure
  • Combined with insulation, Stofix improves the building’s U Value by increasing thermal insulation, with only a slight change in the external dimensions of the building, and minimal disruption to possible residents.
  • In projects where the entire façade has to be dismantled, the ventilation and drying capabilities of the façade structure are essential to ensure longevity. 


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