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The only pre-pointed, mechanically fixed brick slip cladding system that is fire rated over 18mtr and gives you the flexibility to choose almost any brick.

The unique system is pre-pointed and constructed off-site. With no height limit, our patented, pioneering brick slip system is mechanically fixed and utilises a metal backing plate. The durable, lightweight system is suitable for new construction and renovation projects.

Stofix is BBA Certified, has a 60-year Design Life and 20-year manufacture warranty. The Stofix team also guarantees comprehensive design responsibility and end-to-end consultancy throughout the project.

The Benefits

Prefabricated and pre-mortared

Stofix brick panels are prefabricated and pre-mortared in a factory to ensure quality control and consistency. The panels are delivered from our factory to building sites and are installed quickly and efficiently using a modulised mounting system. Minimal pointing is required and mortar is supplied.

Widest choice of genuine bricks

Stofix are the only brick façade company to utilise almost any brick of your choice. Choose the size, colour, bond and impact resistance.

brick slips

Weatherproof and efficient

Stofix can be installed regardless of cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions. The product includes 3% polymer and is tested to A2S1 BSI Fire Standards.

Ventilated and separated structure

The Stofix system is a ventilated and separated structure. The brick cladding is mounted on the rails of the Stofix system, which leaves a wall-wide cavity between the insulation or the load-bearing wall.

Design, Development and Safety Standards

Stofix is certified by BBA with a 60-year Design Life and BSI to A2; S1 Safety Standards. Designed and developed in the cold climate of Finland, the product contains 3% polymer so can be safely and efficiently installed regardless of harsh weather conditions.

Download our safety certification and our technical support documents.

Sustainability and energy efficiency


Our advanced design is made of recyclable materials, kiln-fired brick and natural stone. All production waste is recycled. The Stofix brick slip façades have a significantly smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional bricklaying.


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Over 25 years of experience


Established in 1993, Stofix quality and durability is proven. With worldwide distribution, Stofix launched in the UK in 2014.


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