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Crown Place

Project Details

Project name:
Crown Place
Winvic Construction
ECE Westworks Architects
Caxton Facades


Vibrant Student Living

Crown Place in Nottingham is a project brought to life through the collaboration of Crown Student Living, Winvic Construction, ECE Westworks Architects, and specialist Stofix installers, Caxton Facades. The project consists of 196 studios and 230 cluster rooms spread across six stories and an inviting internal courtyard featuring a reception, gym, and vibrant social areas. We’re proud to have supported yet another project that champions sustainable urban living and sets a blueprint for modern communities.

crown place

Overcoming urban challenges

In the bustling city centre, logistics play a pivotal role, and the choice of construction materials is critical. Having worked with Stofix solutions previously, ECE Westworks Architects selected Stofix, utilising 3000 sqm of Stofix brick slip cladding.

Seamlessly blending in with the surroundings

To ensure harmony with the local aesthetic, the architect’s vision for Crown Place required a red brick facade to blend with the surrounding environment. To add depth and character to the exterior a white and grey detail brick was incorporated into the design. 

crown place

Streamlining construction with Stofix

Every construction project encounters unique challenges, and Crown Place was no exception. One notable challenge was achieving consistent quality panels, especially for the stepped brickwork. Stofix emerged as the ideal solution:

Consistency is key

Stofix ensured that each panel met the same high standards, contributing to a unified and refined finish.

Swift installation

Thanks to the expertise of specialist Stofix installers, Caxton Facades, the Stofix system was efficient to install, significantly reducing on-site construction time.

Efficiency and cost effectiveness

Stofix not only expedited construction but also reduced the number of deliveries to the site compared to traditional brickwork, resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits for the surrounding areas.

Mark Jones, Multi-room Director, Winvic Construction Ltd, “With a passion for the latest technologies, we want to raise the bar for delivering sustainable buildings and assets for our clients, whilst leaving a lasting positive, social, environmental, and economic legacy. Stofix UK fits perfectly with this ethos. It allows us to select modern methods of construction, reduce on-site traffic which limits the impact on the communities in which we work, reduce our carbon footprint and guarantee speed of install avoiding costly delays, and is a proven cost-effective solution compared to traditional brickwork.

Having worked with Stofix UK for over three years, we have specified the product for a number of significant projects across the UK. Current projects include Crown Place,  Kent Street Baths – an 18-storey residential development in the heart of Birmingham comprising of 406 purpose-built apartments. Also in Birmingham, Holloway Head comprises 484 apartment build-to-rent scheme across four multi-storey blocks ranging from 8 to 14 storeys.

We work closely with the team at Stofix UK, they deliver on their promise and we look forward to an ongoing successful partnership”.

crown place


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