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Project Details

Project name:
Main contractor:
Bowmer + Kirkland
tp bennett
Caxton Facades


Brick slip:
grey rustic/handmade appearance brick 

Revolutionising urban development

stofix brick slip cladding

In the heart of White City, London, a groundbreaking project is shaping the future of urban development –  EdCity. Working with main contractor Bowmer + Kirkland, architects tp bennett, and specialist Stofix installers, Caxton Facades, EdCity is a testament to collaboration and innovation. Stofix products was utilised throughout block C of this project – a 95,000 sq ft office building of the highest grade, complete with terraces, meeting spaces, and a crowning top-floor penthouse.

Distinctive building design and structure

From the outset, EdCity faced unique challenges that demanded an innovative approach. The project required a lightweight solution due to its distinctive building design and structure. In the heart of London’s White City, getting the logistics right was vital. To address this, a “just-in-time” delivery system was implemented, ensuring materials arrived precisely when needed.

stofix brick slip cladding

In keeping with the surroundings

tp bennett’s vision called for a grey rustic/handmade appearance brick that was in keeping with the surrounding developments. A striking white detail band course was essential to complement the concrete banding on neighbouring buildings. Stofix stepped up to meet these design demands.

EdCity   stofix brick slip cladding  stofix brick slip cladding

Detailing and installation

‘The whole team, including client and stakeholders are delighted with the new EdCity office building. All have expressed how impressively it sits within the project and clearly the Stofix façade, expertly installed by Caxton Facades plays a large part in the impressive vista. The detailing and close attention to installation tolerances has undoubtedly played a large part in the sharp appearance of the Stofix brick slip façade’. – Paul Smith, B+K Project Director.

edcity   edcity  edcity

Stofix quality and efficiency 

Stofix played a pivotal role in overcoming these challenges and ensuring the success of the project.

  • Consistent quality

Stofix products ensured a consistent level of quality throughout the project, contributing to a cohesive, high quality finish.

  • Swift installation

Caxton Facades expertly installed Stofix products in 20 weeks.

  • Reduced on-site time and support

Stofix’s innovative system reduced the number of on-site support points required, streamlining the construction process.

edcity   edcity

  • Efficiency and environmental impact 

Beyond addressing specific project challenges, Stofix also delivered remarkable efficiencies and cost savings. Stofix’s efficient design and delivery system resulted in fewer deliveries to the site compared to traditional brickwork, reducing transportation costs and environmental impact.

Andy McKechnie, Group Technical Director of Stofix Group, commented, “The use of Stofix in this exciting project is a great opportunity for us to contribute to the enrichment of the community. We’re thrilled to be working alongside specialist Stofix installers, Caxton Façades and main contractor Bowmer + Kirkland. EdCity isn’t just another construction project – it’s a practical example of sustainable urban development. Stofix’s, lightweight, cost-effective solution belnds with the surrounding buildings, and proved essential when meeting deadlines and ensuring efficiencies througout the project”. 


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